Eff uuu yesterday

Not only did the previous day stick it in deep but this morning it decided to twist on the way out. When I woke up I dug through my bag looking for the system to which I have committed my life. And then the panic set in. Almost instantly I realized that my notebook is endlessly riding the train around Newark Liberty International Airport and it is there because I did a good deed. (and yesterday blew a mule)

I was sitting on the tram train thing with my book on my lap waiting for my stop. The Bullet Journal was out so I could look up my rental car. Two stops shy of my destination a dude got on my car pushing a luggage cart filled beyond capacity. As he shoved it over the uneven gap it snagged and sent Harry Potter’s luggage everywhere. I jumped up to help because the warning bell was sounding and I really wasn’t in the market for an up close and personal test of the onboard safety systems. As the doors were closing I noticed his wallet and yelled to him just in time but in the confusion of him getting on, reconstructing his rolling bag tower, and then helping him off, I missed my written life probably lying face down on the floor.

I called the airport and after a half hour at lunch I finally got the train lost and found… VOICEMAIL! FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK. I left a message with all the hope of some idiot on a deserted island who just happens to have access to writing utensils, paper, and resealable bottles. I do have a pithy return to me message and I even hint at a reward but I’m not holding my breath. I had to block that nonsense out of my brain today because I don’t get paid to mope around and feel sorry for myself but as I sit here it all rushes back. I am going to try and recreate the big stuff tonight but my head is spinning.

I do have one last thought and it is about this area of the country. I have discovered a treasure trove of unnecessary anger and I have to say I am a fan. The people here lash out hard at each other over the smallest things. I heard yelling at the 7-11 this morning over one fella taking the last cup of a flavored coffee and I myself was called an asshole for not taking Diet Pepsi after discovering the fountain Diet Coke was out. Never one to shy away from a verbal duel I countered with some insults and volume of my own possibly taking things too far when I noticed the other patrons staring my way so I decided to talk to them as well. “THIS FUCKIN GUY WONT CHANGE THE FUCKIN DIET COKE YOU BELIEVE THIS?”

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