As this trip just keeps on getting better by the day I find myself coming down with something. As my father used to say “I’ve got farfalonous of the blowhole” which aside from making me laugh every time I heard it meant some kind of severe cold or sinus thing. I woke up completely packed in the skull and my throat was sore from all of the mouth breathing slash scream snoring I must have done.

So sore in fact that there were bright red ribbons of blood which made me feel like a human starlight mint factory minus the delicious peppermint aftertaste. Anyhow, the fist full of antihistamines I swallowed throughout the day made driving back to the hotel an adventure. The sun in my eyes plus the mild overdose made for some entertaining after images.
Even now as I type this to you I am seeing a slight yellow ghost floating just to the right of my focal point. Add that to the regular host of floaters permanently playing on my eyeballs and this tablet looks like a moving diorama. It kind of makes me wish I had a shoebox to put it in to complete the effect from childhood. (crap, just stepped in an affect vs effect mind trap. Must resist the urge to look up and possibly correct)
WAIT, I sat down to tell you that I finally talked to someone at the airport last night about my missing bullet journal. The woman from Air Train security was very nice but treated me like the stupid tourist that I am. Her best line was “is there money or credit cards in it?” When I answered no she had no response. Elegantly calling me an idiot with her silence. After I explained that there was a specific sticker from Rocket Fizz New Orleans on the cover which I described in detail she hung up before I finished.
Well played Suzette. well played

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