No peace

I have moved on to the feeling that this trip is somehow cursed. The work was good but strange in many ways I can’t discuss on a public outlet. Lots of reasons both professional and personal number one of which is it would be a douche move. But the work is done and I’m heading home.

After I turned my rental car in I boarded the same train that stole my notebook and it broke. That was the official technical explanation as we were all transferred to another train on another track. I looked around at my fellow troubled passengers hoping the foul stink of travel jinx wasn’t giving off any visible signs. We got here in plenty of time but some of my international friends were getting testy.

Then when I walked up to the gate it was the scene of my longest delay to cancel crime. In order to shake off the bad juju I am sitting in a bar making a new friend.

*editors note: I lost the picture of the computerized ordering station at my table, so there’s that…

This little thing ordered my food and drink even taking my money all without pesky human interaction. Cause I’m not sure if you’ve heard dear reader but there is some kind of election happening soon and folks just won’t shut the folk up about it.

Like magic my dinner appeared and when my new friend asked if everything was okay I typed that one piece of bacon on a $15 burger seemed a bit off. Next thing you know a nice young gentleman showed up with three more strips of what I am sure is floor bacon. But I am not one to look gift pig in the rump so down the hatch. My second beer is currently whipping through cyber space and should arrive shortly.

If something goes tits up with this flight I’m coming back and tearing it from its mooring so we can elope. Always good to have a backup plan as I’m not counting any airline chickens before I safely land in Chicago.

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