Sunday Q & A

I get questions in person and also to stupidtom at the google mail thingy. I am in a shite mood after watching football so I figured I’d take the easy way out and provide some answers. First up is knowing where I live people ask if I am a Cubs or a Sox fan. The answer is unfortunately Bears. I like the sport of baseball when I’m at the game with friends but can’t call myself a fan. I couldn’t name three Cubs players if pressed and the two I do know are because I’ve ordered jerseys for people. (from a questionable Chinese manufacturer that I have somehow become the distributor of or for.) Baseball has a couple things going against it for me personally.

First is before the Cubs had those lights I would fall asleep after summer football practice with the game on in the cold basement. Cubs or Sox didn’t matter, I just needed a day game. So now I have conditioned myself to sleep when its on TV. In a bar or live is another matter. It’s great to watch professional athletes that have worked their entire lives play a tough game. However, I think the professional season length is stupid. No one should play or watch the game, especially the playoffs, in the cold. It’s a summer sport. And the fact that they can’t broadcast the games on regular TV because college football has a bigger audience should tell them that. Baseball needs to end before football begins. Okay, that was a long diatribe for a non answer. I am pulling for the Cubs as 100 years is too long to have a championship drought. Plus watching their ownership care about the team gives me hope for the Bears… a slim sliver of hope that selling the team might someday be an option or that some disaster might befall the annual family shareholders meeting.. you know, good thoughts.

In a related question I was asked what I thought about the “Fly the W” thing. The answer is I don’t. It’s completely cringe-worthy but my friends who are fans seem to have embraced it so what do I care. It is already getting old on Facebook as the bandwagon overflows but I am about finished with that cesspool as well so no harm there either. Fly whatever you want. I would like to meet the marketing weenie behind it. The Red Sox had the whole beard thing when they were trying to break their streak and the Cubs get decorative garden flags with a light blue 23rd letter of the alphabet. Seems not so great but the Cubs already got kind of screwed with their name if you ask me.

I was also asked about the progress next door and the answer there is not much. The neighbor calling code enforcement basically shut the project down. I am not sure what the trouble is but I know the original three week plan is long gone. The only progress of any kind was this week in the back yard. This is what it now looks like from the dog run.


after they cut and hauled away a bunch more jungle they scattered grass seed and covered it with straw. Silly idiots left just enough trace of Buckthorn so there will be a full wall by spring next year.


I did have to go out and deliver the stink eye to prevent complete removal of my beloved screen. They will have to salt the earth to prevent the mighty Buckthorn from propagating.



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