goodbye old friend

So one of the “things” that has been going on for me recently was our elder statesman of the pet herd (Nemo the Portuguese Water Dog) has been dying. Tumors arthritis and a host of other things that happen to thirteen year old dogs. For the last two months he has been randomly falling and that’s when serious next step discussions began. It was clear what we had to do but the family was not ready. Nemo was our second of this breed. His older cousin Charlie was the runt of his litter and was only with us for a little over six years  but they had four together. Nemo showed up on our first day back in Illinois as we moved in to this very house I type from right now.


He was always a good boy, sometimes a complete pain in the ass but who among us can’t be.


He loved his mom most of all but I think the kids who grew up with him are having a tough time as well


These two were on the floor next to me and as soon as I realized that they had been together since the human boy was three I took the picture and left the room.

He was put to sleep in the house this afternoon. We were all around him and it was the most peaceful passing I have seen. Nemo you will be missed.


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