hallows eve

Halloween on a weekday is a nightmare for anyone who works from home and has actual work to do on that day. For my company this happens to be the last day of our fiscal year so there are things that you should get done to make the transition easier for those who account. I also have my one and only direct report conveniently celebrate her work anniversary tomorrow which means that her yearly review was today. Dead center of trick or treat nonsense. I listened to the grade school across the street let out with a bell and then a collective scream as the kids not being picked up by parents raced to the good houses. I tried to get the business of business taken care of before the mayhem but it didn’t work. The last call I was on I just gave up and let the ringing doorbell and barking dog play in the background like ear piercing elevator music designed to drive me insane. Unprofessional came to mind but it was quickly replaced by whogivesashitsional.

I have a friend who claims to be a witness of Jehovah (I have no idea why you would fake that so I guess the claim thing was a bit extreme) but unlike the ones who visit me from time to time he has a sense of humor. In fact he told me my one and only Jehovah witness joke. “Why don’t Jehova Witnesses celebrate Halloween? Because they can’t stand strangers ringing their doorbell.” Solid work from the Kingdom Halls. And now is my favorite part of the evening. I sit on my front step with this tablet in hand typing to you and menacing the children too old to beg for sweets. A part of me misses walking around with the kids pulling a cart full of beer but then I see some of my friends and their exhausted faces and that nostalgia goes right away.

I have other writing type things on my brain right now. If I’m going to attempt this Novel writing in a month thing I need to do some mental pre-work. Still 50/50 as of this moment. I’ve got to go because a flock of prostitutes is stumbling up the drive.

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