no na no wri mo

First and not because anyone was sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to hear but I have decided to once again skip the November write a novel in a month challenge. This is still something on my bucket list and I even have a first idea sketched out in my head. Last night as I was reading through the site I was convinced I was finally in this year but I bailed. I understand this is deep into boring but it has been on my mind so I need to get it out. The decision boiled down to my inability to take on one more thing at this moment in my life. And if you think this is an excuse you would be right but the whole reason  works is the support. If you are not ready to totally commit to the idea… no need to finish that thought.

I did however invest in some writing aids (WAIT, I don’t think I’ve written that word in a while and it immediately made me think of the AYDS Diet Candy my mom ate when I was young. Such a cruel twist of fate having a modern day plague named after your edible product.

retrospect can be the best perspect as I am still laughing plus a Stupidtom FIRST: parenthetical video! Lucky YOU. Sorry about the quality that’s just what TV used to look like. I inserted the clip because if I rewrote those words you wouldn’t have believed me.) that will allow me to better outline my thoughts. I even took the time last night to begin the work. Hopefully that snowball is heading downhill.

It does not feel super great skipping this yet again but I am setting deadlines for a book. First goal, initial outline and characters sketched out by the end of the year. A birthday present to myself.

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