shallow boring thoughts

The thing of this is that without a theme I can write about anything but that can be good and bad. No clear direction sometimes means you are lost and that is the point where I currently find myself. I would love to turn this little hobby into something more but what that means escapes me. Trapped inside all day doing the job for which I get paid means inspiration is drained on every phone call. A big part of my gig is trying to figure out what is going on with a business over the phone and when you don’t have all of the visual cues of communication you really need to listen hard to figure out what the hell is happening on the other end of the phone. Then once you do its time to pull some advice out of thin air. I am pretty good at what I do but at the end of the day I am mental mush. This could be a big part of my writing trouble. Maybe I’ll try and type during a break tomorrow just to see if it changes my perspective.

The other issue is I am not out in the world observing all the things. When I have a brain full of sights and sounds this isn’t that tough. I could have another problem as I have stopped watching and listening to broadcasts and reading of news is on hold until after this election. I am officially done. I have plenty of reading to catch up on and my podcast backlog is exhausting to behold. I am somehow swept up in this World Series thing but am completely unqualified to comment on any part. I did however wonder what all of the Joe Buck fuss was about until I endured and entire game able to hear his voice. WOW. He crams words into every nook and cranny. With so much time to burn while watching a sport I joined a Joe buck Sucks Facebook group.

Anyway I need to go as these storms have the last dog standing all twisted up. First time in a year that storms don’t equal shitty Dish reception so I’ve got that going for me.


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