sea of humanity

The people who know are estimating over five million folks flooded downtown Chicago to celebrate the Cubs. I read somewhere that makes it the 7th largest gathering of human beings in history. No wonder my youngest could not get a cell signal to save his life. Literally the boy was lost with two of his directionally challenged suburban friends for a couple hours. Luckily they jumped in a cab and met up with the rest of the group. Everyone arrived home safe around 8:00pm tired and covered in mud. He did have a good story about the delay. They let everyone in the big park around 9:30am where the speeches and such were happening but the buses with the players had to plod down the parade route all the way from Wrigley at noon, so there was a ton of wait time.

He said at one point a mini fight club broke out where a dollar figure was offered by the crowd in a chanting manner and two guys would jump into the mud pit clearing and fight for the money. Biggest purse he witnessed was $170 and one of his buddies from another high school fought a fat old man (probably younger than I am) for a $40 prize. When asked if he thought about participating his answer was “no because the mud was filled with vomit and piss and once the fight was over you were covered win or lose.” Solid logic although I can say with confidence that were this happening thirty some years ago I would have used the train ride home to build my excuse for the ruined clothes, random facial bruises, and my need for an immediate shower.


This was the only picture he sent me before the cell towers melted. The stage is directly behind him. Happy everyone got home safe.

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