a bit of a holding pattern

I should apologize for the lack of content but for once there is a legit excuse so screw you and your content demands. The way I used to post from my phone and or tablet is now broken along with the other pieces of this boring puzzle. I have decided that I will wait one more day for help that doesn’t look like its coming and then completely blow things up and head in a different direction.

This has no real impact on you if this is something you read every once in a while when you remember. Except your disappointment has shifted from poor content to no content. The only ones who will really feel the burn are those who followed me through the old email notification system. I have no way to let any of them know I am still typing away with the exception of the three real life friends. If you happen to be one of the other three stopping by to see what gives, sorry. I have found a couple other ways to let people subscribe but I am taking holding off until I give up on the whole help thing.

Oh, and the Twitter folks will have no idea whats doing until I get something else set up to notify that service. That one should be a relatively easy fix because lots of people twit out when they post so that means choices. Complicated me having to learn something new choices but choices none the less.

I’m telling you all of this not to put you to sleep but to give you a peek into a problem that heretofore would have pushed me to the brink. Now that I am disappointing a tenth of the audience it doesn’t bother me so much. But it always makes me wish for something simple and cheap that just works. There are a lot of places to type on the interwebs and some work much better than my setup but current economics have forced me to find more frugal solutions and here we are.

This was really a long PARDON OUR DUST sign and if you hung in to the end I thank you. Now go back to your regularly scheduled time wasters.