Did it Twit?

As I stumble through the rebuilding process I need to test things out. Posting pictures and connecting this thing back up with Twitter are both on the list. This Sunday has me wanting for Summer and the test pictures will reflect that.


First up is a shot heading over to the yellow swim raft nicknamed by the kids long ago as “the cheese.” From our pier it looks like its ten yards away but once you start swimming there it seems to take forever.


And once you arrive it is time to haul your fat ass up and on. If you are the size of two normal humans it tends to do a wheelie. Last year Dave and I held a King of the Cheese competition that ended up with my arm bleeding from road rash and Dave’s commemorative shirt torn to shreds. The texture on the top designed to keep you from not slipping off sucks as your flesh is grated across its surface.


That’s Dave floating by the stupid bobber cooler he got at a garage sale for a couple bucks. Stupid because the thing holds only a few iced beers and wants to swamp every time you reach in to refill. Luckily there is always at least on full sized cooler floating nearby.

And now to see if and what this experiment sends to the Tweeter…