next door


I really miss my screen of weed trees. As progress resumes with the renovation next door after the city finally issued the proper permits I am greeted with new construction detritus on the daily. Letting the dog out has become a depressing affair but hopefully once the house is flipped the new neighbors won’t want to look our way anymore than we at them. I can always crank up the discomfort as my work from home dress code is whatever I deem it to be. For winter I’m thinking bright red union suit, boots, Mad Bomber hat but that would only be put in play if escalation was required. It used to be an impenetrable wall of thorns and now its just a sad peek into someone elses yard… and their neighbor, and their neighbor. so creepy looking three houses down.

I should point out the dog hair tumble weed in the bottom of the shot. It might have looked like a fluffy white rabbit at first glance but it is just a blowing clump of Samoyed hair. I was going to cover myself in double sided tape and spin around like Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music so I could go as cotton candy for Halloween but I got scared by the prospect of removing my costume. Plus I eat and breathe so much fur now that it could become the fourth most element of my physical being behind meat, Diet Coke, and beer. Jumping over cheese and fried things in the stupidtom table of elements.

And finally, I was skeptical about the seed covered in straw next door but it seems to be growing grass like crazy. It could be that the soil back there has been in almost complete darkness for more than twenty summers and turned into some kind of super enhanced growth medium or the dead animals that didn’t get swallowed up in the hoard were cast out back to complete the circle of life. Whatever happened we have grass where none was before. You might note the mud after the gate and that is to be expected because there was an old boat and an older car leaking fluids forever. That dead patch is the low spot but I’m not saying anything lest my tattletale neighbor calls the EPA and I find myself living next to a Super Fund site.