Strange drive

To begin this is more than likely a post to nowhere as I am trying to use the mobile app after I disconnected from Not that any of you give a flying turdsicle about what happens behind the scenes but it is a real concern for me right now. This could be my last post from the road if I can’t figure this out as I refuse to travel with my aircraft carrier of a laptop just to type this garbage. First observation is my beloved HEY YOU MISSPELLED THIS squiggly lines have disappeared so along with my abhorrent grammar you might have to suffer atrocious spelling as well. So dependent that I now have a constant tingle in the back of my brain as I type without the visual aid. Oh well, pressing on…

Strangest conditions as I drove today… completely sunny for a couple miles then it would get dark and then I would drive into a cloud bank. This picture was taken around noon. Then every time I stopped for gas or to stretch it seemed like I was the only one around. After it happened once I wouldn’t get out of the car unless I saw other humans. Ridiculous? Maybe. But how many times have you watched a horror movie and said something like “why would you get out of the car?” I just decided to err on the side of no need to tempt fate. (man saying decided and side sounded like crap in my brain as soon as I typed it. Probably just as well that this post spins out into digital space)

And once I did stop a dude in a stall tried to strike up a conversation in a flagrant violation of Men’s bathroom protocol. Even if it was a potential discussion about the creepy fog the horror story in my mind had the shitter in question turning into a cloud and choking me out for speaking during private time.

Okay so sometimes this imagination gets the best of me. But if I ever do fully snap it won’t be boring.