The State of the Stupid

Tonight finds me sitting in the house staring at this tablet screwing around with this site and not minding one single bit. The weather is miserable the kids are all busy and the college student wife is at threat level orange. I am safely ensconced in my office and finally have some time for a little electronic light straightening. Some of the emails I’m deleting have me thinking. A lot of the spam that gets sent to my stupidtom at gee mail dot com address has to do with ways to make money on your web site. I usually just wipe them out in bulk but one of the subject lines caught my eye and triggered this post. The title of the email: What is

At first thought my answer was I have no idea. So I decided to bite on the hustler’s email and after filling out a few lines with complete bullshit it did some kind of analysis that was designed to make me feel all kinds of upset. Rather than type the nonsense name of this thing over and over again I will just abbreviate to stdc.

  • stdc has more than 100 broken links! That seems low. Ive been doing this and moving it around since 2001. Way more than half of the things I linked to are no longer things or have turned into other things. You are hinting that you would like to fix all that for a minimal charge. No thanks. Don’t care.
  • stdc has terrible SEO! If you say so. Since I have not tried to optimize anything it stands to reason. I think if you are trying to make ad money and get your business discovered this one is supposed to be the kill shot. Call to action, sign up immediately. no thanks.
  • stdc has a poor page rank! You are correct. That is something I know how to check myself and you actually understated that one. I have NO page rank. I kind of like that one. The site I used offered me a free tool to display my rank of 0/10 but it requires code and I think I would be the only one laughing. I did learn that as of today stdc Domain Age: 15 years 6 months 29 days. That is a long ass time for this nonsense. That one triggered a bit of a gut check but it turned out to be gas so no big deal.

So to answer that earlier question is stupidtom is just a peek into another humans brain. Someone who notices a little more than normal and whose imagination borders on the hyperactive. It is best when I write to an imaginary audience of one and just plop down whatever bubbles to the top of my skull. There is a part of me that keeps this going as an homage to its original stated purpose and that was to give my children a different perspective on their father. Whenever they need it or choose to look.