I bored myself

I started down a road I wanted to explore last night but lost interest before I could finish my journey. This site is a mental tool for me. A stress reliever and a way to take a look back at my day. It helps me reaffirm that my lifelong noticing affliction isn’t always a bad thing. A place where I can write the things that would make the people close to me crazy if I was in a constant stream of verbal diarrhea. “OKAY, ENOUGH ALREADY. WE GET IT. YES, THAT WAS WEIRD…” If they want to be annoyed they can come and read at their own pace.

Taking down the don’t talk rule because I really don’t mind. It was back when this was way more popular than today. At one point it felt like my entire neighborhood was reading it so things I wrote and barely remembered were being brought up at parties. Inevitably there would be someone who wanted to know what we were talking about and I would have to go into a brief overview of my online journal. (I just had a memory-triggered-grand-mal-douche-chill) I knew things had gone too far when I considered carrying around a printed stupidtom FAQ. (Crap, note to self: an FAQ page could be good…)

It should also be noted that this version you see now is exactly what I want it to be. But that doesn’t mean I am above earning money and or acclaim with this deal. I have tried everything at least once. I had ads all over the place and links to sites that paid for referrals. You name it and I tried it. This stuff is kind of fun for me so I figured what the hell. But it never turned into money. During the height of stupidtom I was averaging a little over two hundred visits per day and over a year period of linking and ads I didn’t even earn $100. I know this because that was the payment threshold and I never got a check. Plus I violated some early Google Commandment by making fun of the robots that chose my ads. All Knowing Google determined that I was begging people to click my ads and that was wrong in some way. There was also something about some of my more zealous friends clicking ads like it was a job. Oh well.

People knowing about it took more of a toll than the writing itself. I had friends and family who were too easily butt hurt and constantly looking for veiled writing about them. Plus an entire other group constantly giving me content ideas. And then there were the online people. Most of them were great but when you get a professional internet asshole it can get to you. So over the years I have taken it down for periods of time to reset myself and to lose undesirables. The last hiatus was a long one and now I am down to just people that I trust or random old internet friends that might stumble by. This suits me. Twenty people a day is a terrible number by all internet standards but just about perfect for yours truly.

I also use this as a magic memory machine. I mentioned yesterday that I was doing some electronic cleaning and I came across a picture that I meant to post months ago. The site made me smile so I want to get it up.


A group of us had been out for the evening and ended with a walk along the beach. George doesn’t swim well and his wife has a strict rule about him being safe near water. So I procured flotation from a nearby lifeguard station and all was right with the world.