old fam

Been strolling down memory lane with the family and I found some nice old ones. Mom, Dad, my brother and I in black and white for effect or possibly that was the deal being offered that year by the J.C. Penny Photo Studio. I have no idea what was happening but they rule. If you look closely my mom is looking right into the camera but Dad seems to be looking just off at what I imagine to be his about to misbehave sons. Dad’s tie dominates second only to his sweet sideburns and mom is rocking a country singer hairstyle.

My plaid pants are hidden but quite frankly I see little else than the button on the top of the shoulder contraption my brother is wearing. Possibly sewn out of necessity in an attempt to keep him clothed. I believe the next evolution of this design is everything being held together by a single button right in the middle of his back. Side note: my two front teeth knocked out simultaneously during a plastic slide carrying accident. Said same slide still lives with my folks. I might followup with a pic the next time I’m there. I hate having pictures taken but I love looking through them. I have a couple set aside to write about but they are water damaged so I need to try my hand at editing. If I figure it out you will be the first to know.