apologies and stuff

Some of you that get the notifications saw a ghost post earlier and I violated the stupidtom terms of service, specifically if its laid its played, and deleted it. Those not in the know missed nothing more than your tinkering host flipping the eff out when he somehow took the whole thing down. There is a long boring technical post festering inside of me like a boil but I will not torture you more than I have already this day. So back to the photographic archaeology.

In college our family went to Hawaii and my brother and I were lucky enough to be allowed to bring a friend. I took my buddy Eric and I just realized that we have a pile of stories from that vacation that might have documentation. I will be looking at Mom and Dads for the albums but for now you will have to see just one. The drinking age at that time on the islands was 18 so E and I were legal. One night we got tanked up and Eric declared he was going to dig a hole. I didn’t think much about it until I hadn’t seen him in a while. I walked out to the beach and he was digging a hole alright. Pardon the pictures but they were taken with a disc camera at night. The first shot is the one he took while I was screaming out his name.


It seems as though he had dug himself down a little deeper than safe. (By the way, Hawaii… Mustache… Magnum P.I…. get it?)


I agreed to help him out but took the camera and had him hold on the side while I took a quick shot to document his nearly burying himself alive. This is really crappy reporting because my walk up to the sound of his yelling and shoveling looked like a hole in the sand was rhythmically burping up scoops. The hole was over his head. You can tell better from his pic of me.

We went back the next morning and the sea had repaired the sizeable divot but the area underneath was a little more quicksandy than the rest of the beach.