bs button

There has been a lot of online chatter about Facebook and its “News Feed” being fake. First, anyone who considered that pile of garbage news should cup both of their hands and clap with you head in the middle using you ears as center targets. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Okay, that ringing in your ears is the sound of shame and you should remember it well. Turning to Facebook for your news is like asking your dog for investment advice. Its just not what they do and you already look dumb enough talking to them like a human baby. By the way if you can actually talk to your dog please ask why skunk shit is so alluring. I am fascinated by its universal K9 appeal. If they roll in it does it send some kind of signal to other dogs that you are somehow better than? And before you ask this is the only thing I want to know from a talking dog. We all have our things.

Anyhow back to the Bookface news. I always assumed that the trending news was the most popular things that my dumbshit online acquaintances clicked on. The fact that some human other than my “friends” was manipulating those feeds makes it more legit in my eyes. But those eyes never turned that way for news. Holy Crap Cakes what has happened when people turn to a social network to form their opinions… he asked knowingly in the age of enormous assed Armenians ruling all kinds of different media. So much so in fact that the trivia of their lives makes it on to the supposedly legitimate news. That is precisely why I only watch that stuff in little local markets for the sloppy talent pool and on air foibles. Crap now I’m rambling as I have crawled halfway up a soapbox.

I read a lot of news sites but I don’t take any of it as exact truth either. It’s written by a human with a life of their own. Even when they aren’t trying they are putting their own slant on whatever they write. Its just humans and our pesky nature. This whole thing did start an idea brewing and the working title is the Bullshit Button. Much like the [Like] button that is everywhere this one would sit right next to it. I’m thinking it should be red and show how many people called BS on any given story. [Bullshit] 3,806 people think this was complete crap