detective hand strong

There was some strong detective work done in the world of An astute reader pointed out that I no longer have a Facebook page and I was going to answer by direct message tweet or whatever its called but figured why waste the typing… I deleted the stupidtom profile for a bunch of reasons not the least of which was some bleed-over from my real life. There are a number of reasons I don’t write under my real name and one of them is that I don’t really want this crap popping up in a Google search of my real name. I know that anyone with half a brain could probably piece the two things together but I am trying to thwart the casual personal or professional creeper. I have a love hate relationship with the Bookface anyway as I just want people to post fluffed up details about their lives. Enough already with the political and religious, and viral reposts etc. Just let me see what you look like now and what images make it past your perfect life filter. I’ll imagine the rest and fill in the back story myself.

Along those lines I don’t want any of the peripheral “friends” commenting on my stuff. Hell,  I turned comments off entirely on this site because I can’t stand the occasional dickbags that get through. I can’t imagine what would happen if someone I haven’t communicated with in 30 years talked shit. I would feel the need to say something back then they would tell me what they really thought about me back in the day or some horrible offense I committed which is where I would be compelled to spew verbal acid all over the face. Or even worse and giving myself a douche chill just thinking about it… the compliments and or writing ideas… trouble any way you slice it. Let’s just say it’s best and leave it at that detective.

I already sense your questions about the tweeter and I’m way ahead of you. I am on that platform as a resource. Again not under my real name but it does get a little shaky as I am friends with real life friends and family members over there. Twitter is more like a swarm of bees. Unless you are always on it random posts slip by. That While you were away… thing is trying to predict the stuff you care about but if I want to check in on someone or something I go right to their page and that takes knowledge. Also that is the place where I get the most feedback including today’s detective work. If you are reading this I will honor your request for anonymity but you should know I am watching you because I find your snooping around troubling and consider your ability to follow me on probation.