Great Grands



These are my Great Grandparents from some news archive website as they are being thrown off of their third and final farm in the Great Depression. So much rules about this shot not the least of which is the fact that they are both smiling. I like the picture so much it is often the wallpaper on my iPad. Hard to have a bad day when you see people going through some real stuff with a smile and obviously together. I only got to know him after he retired but even then he was a great dude. He loved going to the junk yard to find and fix tricycles for his great grandchildren. Nothing better than a dozen trikes to chose from. He would also take you into the garden and pull up a couple of onions, bang the dirt off, and hand you one. He ate the things like apples.


This is them much later and on better financial footing. I think they are in their seventies here and riding horses for them was like riding a bike for me. This walk down memory lane is brought to you by the good people at web site posting problems. No idea what I’ve screwed up this time but I needed a second post to see it its fixed.