Testing again and always it seems

I should be asleep right now rather than screwing around with this not so relaxing anymore hobby as I need to get up early and drive but the turd I posted in this punch bowl earlier didn’t stick so my broken brain is insisting I figure it out before I go to bed. I can’t even recreate the post because the thing that’s broken is the ability to upload images and that is enough to make me want to karate chop this platform. And by platform I mean the collection of software gizmos required to produce this nonsense not the physical collection of wood and fasteners currently suspending my bulk above the cold wood floor. I might ask everyone who comes here to submit their address so I can type out each post, print them, stuff envelopes, address, stamp, and send. It sounds kind of calming compared to the aggravation  I am currently enduring.

Now you will have no way of knowing this but I am about to administer a complete stupidtom pressure test. Not of this site but my body. Once I hit post if it doesn’t go through I will immediately be running in the red. Any borderline brain aneurysms will pop for sure but the last thing you will see is the snow post from yesterday and assume my brain beat my heart to the attack after the manual labor. Her goes nothing…. 

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