I paid one of the fiverr folks a fin to do that to a picture and I have to say it’s growing on me. When I first got it I wasn’t thrilled but I think I’ll use it as an avatar and possibly a site icon. For those following along at home this is the picture that caused me so many problems yesterday but it turned out to be user error. I didn’t really pay attention to the file size so I didn’t notice that it was meant to display as some sort of billboard. Once I shrunk it down it worked just fine And I did all of that extra troubleshooting for nothing. That was on my mind as I sat at a bar earlier when a lawyer seated next to me struck up a conversation.

As we talked he somehow got on to the subject of online content and the Creative Commens License one of which used to reside on these pages. I was feeling quite spunky because I knew something about this particular legal type subject. I was already to talk about the benefits of the free copyright tool when he hit me with a logic haymaker. “What in the hell are any of these idiots going to do if someone does ever steal some of their content?” When I suggested they would take them to court he told me I was partially right but the real answer is they would call a lawyer. And the first thing an attorney would want to know is what is the content worth?

He went on to talk about the value of cat videos and recipes but I was lost in my own thoughts. Who in the hell was I going to sue over stealing from this pile? I complain about the five dollars per month it burns already so talking to a person billing sixty times that per hour is out of the question. The little legal blurb initially made me feel protected but now it just makes me feel stupid(er). Down comes the license and up comes my simple declarative statement.

Go ahead and copy this crap if you want to but give a brother a mention as the author. Maybe a link back to while you’re at it… remember, stealing is bad and if you do it without giving credit or attempt to claim it as your own then I wish terrible things upon you. So ends the stupidtom copywrong.

It’s not that I don’t care I just need to get real about this whole deal. By the way I could not allow the legal balloon burst to go unanswered so I started him rolling down a hill by asking what great things he has created that delivered him to scenic St. Paul and this particular sad establishment. He had some weak justification but I kept peppering the conversation with things like “hotbed of corporate intrigue” and naming big Minnesota based corporations that he obviously did not work for. My last beer tasted delicious mixed with his dejection and sadness.

Not sure how strong I ended though considering I deleted the license first chance I got. Oh well, one less thing.

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