Flip you

I have a friend at work who lives here in Minnesota and our standard greeting is to flip each other off. It’s both aggressive and endearing which makes it just about perfect. We also try and find ways to throw each other off with clandestine birds and FU text messages. So yesterday I interrupted a meeting he was holding to toss one at him and he reached into his pocket and handed me a folded piece of paper that he said someone left for me.

It was a first grade drawing of a mid finger flip. well done sir. I do so love this job and my coworkers have a lot to do with it. The game is now escalating and that’s usually where I do my best work.

This going to be quick because I am presenting tomorrow and my particular flavor of neuroses requires that I practice at least once tonight. We just finished a cocktail reception so I am fed and watered but tired as hell. I’m really writing this because someone on this floor loves weed. It smells so strong in the hallway that I could have picked up a little contact buzz and it immediately took me back to the Snoop Dogg concert I went to with my friend George a few years ago. We had seats on the floor in Gen Pop and were offered multiple smoking options but declined them all.

We had pregamed at a bar near the venue so we didn’t feel like any other enhancement was necessary to enjoy the silky stylings of Sir Snoop. Great concert and we didn’t really think anything of the second hand fog we spent two hours in until we found ourselves at Steak and Shake laughing uncontrollably. Partially because we were so high and also due to one of our genus ideas to order the complete menu. I’m not sure it was every single item listed but the total was north of $150 so we had to come close. If we would have crashed on the way home I’m pretty sure all of the discarded food and trash would have kept us more than safe.

Whichever neighbor is getting stoned they are serious. This morning I walked through a cloud of wake and bake that would have made Cheech and Chong proud. It’s far enough away that I don’t get any in the room but the hallway is a pungent place where brain cells go to their final blissful end. I might be getting high unbenounced to me as this post is more disjointed than usual. Stopping now while the quitting is good.

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