pffttt whoo check is this thing on?


This cross-eyed creep of a cat can stare at me like a statue and its unnerving I tell you. This cat is brought to our family by way of Doug and the hooker street cat that he used to feed and care for. Before he can protest wait, what am I saying? This is a one way communication device so I can sum up any way I please. Doug had a box of inbred kittens that I specifically forbid my wife and children from visiting. (lest you think the inbred thing is an exaggeration later litters contained misplaced limbs as proof) Then when they went to see them against my wishes I tried my hand at preventing another pet from entering the palace and that obviously failed. It was well played as she came home with it in my sons arms declaring it his pet and placing me firmly in a no win corner. This is the third cat to show up over the years against my specific wishes so you think I might be used to it by now. Anyway I am taking a picture of this creep to test out some things around here. I have gone inexplicably dark on the Tweeter due to something breaking but I think I got it fixed.

Regular readers including those notified by an email post you are most welcome for your second post. Tweeter people welcome back. unless of course my repair didn’t work then, never mind. you will have no idea what’s happening. Oh how this thing can annoy but I dont have to tell any of you that.

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