Spent the evening at a couple of High School Varsity basketball games and I have to say it was a good time. There is something to watching a sport that your child isn’t participating in that is very freeing. The ladies lost a tough one and the fellas barely held on to win but my main source of entertainment aside from watching the various student section interactions was watching parents come unglued. I am one of those during football season so I am not firing my wrist rocket from a glass balcony but complete disconnection allowed me to revel in the raw anxiety brewing all around. Dad’s chirping at the refs, other parents fired up about playing time, still more shout coaching their own children from the stands… If they sold beer it would have been the perfect evening.

I did have flashbacks to this very gym as I broke wise with my friends. Memories from school washed over me like a tsunami and I was remembering names and events like a recall savant. I almost reached out to old friends for confirmation but most of the stories had inappropriate components that once I had a friend on the phone would certainly have been blurted out midst the laughter. I typed a couple key points into my phone notes for later retrieval.

I had a powerful urge to fight after the game ended then that was replaced by the need to just drive around endlessly looking for a party. Luckily the weather right now is oppressive so we just came back here. I know if the cameras and phones were everywhere when I was a kid my life would be very different right now but I do so wish I had some pictures from back then. I might have to dig around in the archives when we go to Mom and Dad’s Christmas day…

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