Kids please read

This is my equivalent of a direct message to my children so if you are here for some random funny; Sorry we’re closed. Tune back in tomorrow because I have no real idea how my spawn communicate now meaning which specific program they use so I will use this. Also, if I sent a text as long as I think this will be there is no chance they would read the whole thing.


Life can be a pisser. It will deliver a constant barrage of shots with varying severity and frequency. Just because its trying to kick your ass doesn’t mean you lave to let it. You are completely in charge of your reaction to whatever happens. It’s normal to get knocked down but staying there is unacceptable. If you can’t figure your way around something get up and start moving forward. Doing nothing fixes nothing.

And as long as I’m clicheing the living shit out of you… Life is faking it.

NO ONE HAS EVERYTHING FIGURED OUT. The people you look at who seem to have their lives all planned out know little more than you, they are just better at planning and or bullshitting. If you would have asked High School me what my future held I would have laid out an impressive pile that would have left you feeling like I was dialed in. Meanwhile, my plan was just the nonsense that I thought everyone else wanted to hear. I was really a dumb scared kid who had no real idea what he wanted to do but I was told I had to have a plan so I made one up. Not even close to where I ended up and in hindsight I probably should have put a lot more thought into it.. oh well.

Man plans and God laughs is a Yiddish Proverb that I love. I first read it in a Harlan Coben book and it helped me feel better about my life not working out like I thought. (in my 30’s I should add) The point of this is to tell you that even if you had the most comprehensive plan ever devised it would not work out perfectly. So come up with whatever looks best right now and head that way. Doing something and failing is always better than doing nothing and just existing.

Also don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes just saying the problem out loud to someone else will help you come up with a solution. If I could go back and talk to my younger self and convince that idiot to do only one thing it would be to ask for more help along the way. Holding problems inside and carrying them around by yourself is is the mother of all bad ideas. I am bad at that to this day and especially when it comes to you guys. Twenty plus years in and I am still faking this whole parent thing. The problem is that in my mind you are all still toddlers that need me to do the majority of your critical thinking. I need to get better at sharing family concerns with you and getting your input on possible solutions.

Here’s a hint: This is the first step toward doing just that… Buckle up my children I am going to start treating you like the young adults you are. I love you all and now get back to YouTube or Netflix or trying to finish the internet. Actually TALK soon.


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