KPR Addendum

If you are one of my children who came to this by way of typing instead of following the link drop down one post and start there.

I wrote the earlier post at 6:15 this morning and realized at lunch that I left some things out. First and foremost was the proof. I know that at least one of you who shall remain unnamed but you know exactly who you are will have some trouble with what I wrote earlier thinking it is just a bunch of crap designed to motivate and therefor will be ignored. You my child, like your father, require proof. And here it is: Google search “self help books”

It’s okay, I’ll wait…

The page you were looking at is result one out of a bazillion results all based on my basic premise that no one has figured it all out. Everyone is searching for the thing they think others have that they do not and there is an entire industry built around those insecurities. Its worse the more specific you want to get but it all boils down to the same thing. Okay I need to amend that a little because this phenomenon is more prevalent in our country because we won the birthplace lottery. Few people in our country are constantly worried about bombs, war, famine, etc. We have people worried about variations on those themes but not as much as other places on the planet. Not to mention that we could fix a lot of that if we weren’t such selfish assholes but that is a talk for another time.

My point here is that some of the nonsense we get so twisted up about is conjured up while sleeping in our warm safe beds with full bellies surrounded by an endless supply of fresh water mentally whining about our lack of___. Fill in the blank with whatever nonsense you want and know that I am the conductor on the Selfish Asshole Express. This is just telling you that some of our nonsensical worries are due to our cushy lifestyles. If you are bummed out due to your lack of something materialistic or inability to do something everyone else can seemingly afford figure it out or shut up. I will stop for now but less whining more doing.

The other point I missed this morning that a large number of those books and systems and gurus will tell you boils down to this Attitude is Everything. No shit. If you tell yourself that you are having a bad day and nothing goes your way that is exactly what will happen. Your day will unfold as it always does but you will be looking at it through a shitmood stained lens and nothing looks good while you wear turd spectacles. It might seem silly but telling yourself you are going to have a good day is a powerful thing. Just like laughing when the wheels are coming off. You are in complete control of your mood. STOP letting someone else drive. Take control of your life. There I just saved you countless hours of reading and a not so small pile of cash. There are variations on the themes but it all boils down to taking control and moving forward. Still don’t believe me step into my office and look at any book in the pile of business helpers under the TV. Same shit but it usually includes a “system”.

I’ll quit now because I know that is what your brain said when you read my original text “uhk, Dad stop” but don’t think we are done. Adults what interact with me get the undiluted version. This should be fun.

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