hey red eyes

Wobbly eyed bastard training day two and things aren’t much better. This point your nose at things you want to read is a bunch of complete bullshit. And for practice today I decided to read up on these transitions lenses and as far as I can tell it’s a vanity thing. Holy H.R. Puffnstuf I could give a flying turd about a visible line delineating my need for extra magnification. If this doesn’t improve and by that I mean my ability to read at the rate to which I have grown accustomed these things are going back and I will be getting some good old fashioned bifocals. Your already wearing poor vision indicators what the hell does a line matter? Vain asshat industry. Can you tell that this whole not seeing right thing has made me more salty than usual? Well it has Helen Keller.

In other news tonight is our family head to the mall before Christmas and buy each other a limited gift at the mall. The limit is set by a distribution of cash after dinner. We split up and meet back at a prearranged time then head home and exchange. Pre-holiday holiday if you will. I might have done a bit of cheating due to my overall hatred toward the sport of shopping and I already have a rough idea for everyone well within the price constraints. If everything goes as planned for me I will be sitting mid-mall people watching for some time. I do so love the elevated holiday related family tension. No one at the mall this close to go time is in a great mood and they tend to lash out at each other.

The Holy Grail of holiday shopping people watching would be a physical altercation but I will settle for meaner than required exchanges. Life hands you lemons, soften them up by rolling back and forth in your hands then throw them as hard as you can at life’s house.


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