I am so Merry right now

Happy Christmas! I am not down with the Merry Christmas wishing even though I throw it out sometimes like a reflex action. I realize that it’s a throwback to another time but I would like to keep it there. I don’t interact with anyone who uses the word. This is the best, I am so effing merry right now! Wait a minute. That felt good. Strike everything I just said. I’m bringing Merry back. usually when folks ask me how I am doing I respond using my lifelong love affair with SPIFFY. 2017 might be the year of MERRY. Definitely something to ponder. Anyhow on with my version of a holiday post.


The kids (girls) asked me to take a picture of the three of them and their mom picked that moment to trip and fall behind me. I would also direct your attention to the right side of the shot where you can clearly see the wall of multiplying coats. No matter how many runs I make to donation places or bitch about being overrun they multiply. Plus there is a half closet full of more outerwear just because. Also it should be noted that not a single garment it mine. All of my stuff resides in my almost self contained pod on the front of the house. And the final holiday could have been our Christmas card if we could ever gather enough shit to make and send one is a shout out to the boy’s stache. He catches endless amounts of shit for it but powers through none the less.


Here are the other two not depicted in the earlier shoot. (other than me but there is enough of yours truly on these pages) This is the pre-movie nap that most of the house is enjoying. I am up typing this to you as someone needs to make sure we get to the theater on time as that same someone purchased the tickets ahead of time. I should be watching a Star Wars movie to get ready for the show but the Disney overlords have them cranking out movies so fast that they are jumping all around the timeline and I’m not really sure where the one we are about to see fits in. Yet another Christmas surprise. I hope your day was everything you wanted it to be and if not tough shit. Everyone gets a turn.

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