one of those

I am having one of those Twilight Zone type days out of the blue for no reason. First it seems like everyone that scheduled a call with me forgot this was the day after Christmas so I was rocking a nice sized pile of cancellations. That’s not such a big deal as I made some nice progress on some other work but I kept getting interrupted with unscheduled calls on my cell phone. After the third one I called my office number to make sure it was working and it was so I chalked it up to holiday weirdness. (every time I write “chalked it up” I wish I had a giant chalk board filled with weird things and hash marks)

Then this weird weather melted everything and the skating rink turned back into a pond. I tell you this because my wife’s old man stalker stood in front of it with the dog as if it were a raging river that he had to ford in order to save his life. Now I did build an impressive wall of recycle but it was located on the marshlands between the pond and the street so his journey on the pavement would have been clear. Wait, picture, thousand words…


I watched him long enough that he sensed something from behind my now festive duck blind and when he looked up he scowled in my general direction. This caused me to raise the blinds, knock on the glass, and flip him off once he figured out exactly where I was. He then took to the street and went on his way. I wish he would get mad enough to call the city because they don’t want to listen to me.

And finally the wife ended up in a video taken by middle child then sent to boyfriend who posted it and somehow it developed a tiny bit of steam. If you are friends with me in real life go to my Facebook page where I shockingly linked to it. I won’t do that here – partially because it looks like a complete pain in the ass to figure out and mostly because I don’t write about her here as is our deal. For those who will not see it basically her laughing while playing that mouth held open by a dental implement trying to understand words game. She had some Christmas wine and was screech laughing. At the time of this 100,000 views and counting and no I am not upset that the thing will probably be seen more times in one day that the sum total of this nonsense.  One of those days

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