It’s almost time

I love working this week because I can accomplish metric craptons of things. Without the usual backlog of pesky phone calls I am cranking out the jams. The only bump in this otherwise smooth ride are my annoying new spectacles and their attempts to drive me insane. Upon the advice of my amateur doctor wife I went back to the optometrist before I officially giving up. Turns out some adjusting was necessary. It seems the first person to fit me didn’t allow for the curvature of my nose or my height differential to an average human. Adjustments made I was sent back out into the world to once again begin the tedious brain training process. Some people can never get used to these things and I found out this weekend that my mom is one. So I’ve got that going for me.

The very proper woman correcting her companies mistake gave me the adjusted eyewear and I brought out the tablet that was giving me fits and that I type on to you now. I forgot where I was for a second as everything was clearer and exclaimed “OH FOR FUCKS SAKE” which she mistook for anger when I was really astonished at the improvement. She then nervously started telling me that she has the same glasses as well as a reading pair and a computer pair. Wait, what? I thought these were supposed to replace the need for multiple pairs? She started to agree and cover with some bullshit but that cat had left the bag and was sitting firmly on my lap. Bunch of asshats. Just fix my vision already… Anyhow, the calls I did have were mostly aimed at next year.

The Canadians especially are freaking out about the things going on down here. I told them that the weather has driven them inside which leaves too much time for thinking. We didn’t elect a king but that doesn’t mean that things can’t get bumpy. I am kind of excited because for the first time since I started paying attention we have no idea what’s going to happen. No matter which side of the election you were on things are about to get interesting.


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