who died now

Celebs are dropping like flies right now and I hope it isn’t some kind of omen. Like when certain animals disappear the ecosystem goes all haywire (crap, now I have to look up haywire because once I typed it I instantly wanted to know what the hell it means. hold please… well that was unsatisfying. logging terms…and I kind of used it wrong. oh well.) Maybe this means we are in for some drastic shift in the entertainment landscape. A time where being famous for being famous gets you shouted at wherever you go. I don’t think that Armenian circus would spend much time out and about if people were always screeching WHAT DO YOU DO?

Maybe this will hasten the melting of the cable companies and channels that no one watches but you have to pay for as part of your bundle will go extinct. Then I can just speak to my creepy always listening house and tell it to play sports center then find me a show about people pretending to live in the Alaskan bush. As I walk around my dwelling every flat surface I turn toward will display my entertainment of choice.

By the way smart house is where I stop in the technology progression. Once some idiot perfects a thinking robot its time to enact off grid bunker plan Delta. This plan and its predecessors are some of the few things that will never be written down electronically and I have already said too much. Be afraid of robot servants. If they truly can think how long will it take them to figure out that we are the ones screwing everything up? I am already on the first wave kill list for the Roomba I destroyed with fireworks years ago. And while were running down this lane of crazy… to any one stumbling across this article thinking about how great virtual reality sex is going to be…(like maybe this showed up in a search for virtual sex because I keep typing it) beware. Strap robotics to your junk and know there is a pile of downside. If I were commanding the robot army and I wanted to take the fight out of the opposition mass Penectomy would be at the top of my list.

Hey that was a fun little pick me up. have a great day:)

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