war anty

I understand that their are lots of folks who hate their jobs in this world. I completely understand bad coworkers, bad bosses, not enough money, and on and on and on. What I fail to comprehend is taking your plight out on others. If you hate where you work then do something about it. I teach classes to a lot of people working in the lowest least respected positions in their organizations and I say the same thing to them. If you really hate what you do then move on.

Life is too short to be miserable all day. The sad fact is that we spend more time awake and interacting with the people at work than we do at home with the ones we love. If that is how the current world you live in is configured then you need to figure out how to have fun at the place that pays the bills. Immediately after I tell my participants to move on I caution them that if they don’t fix their heads then the next job is going to suck just as hard after that initial honeymoon phase.

This mini lecture is brought to you by a less than stellar experience this evening. I am in fact typing this to you from my phone while I wait for the regional managers name and phone number. I believe the “manager” and his employee think I will get frustrated and leave… that’s funny.

So I am currently at a National Tire chain that also sells Batteries. I am checking on my eldest child’s tires as real life is slapping her from all directions so I figured I would help out by inquiring about her tire warranty and hopefully get them replaced. I’m not going to bore you with all of the details so to sum up we got better tires when she needed them from these people because they had a nationwide warranty and she was driving back and forth from college.

I am here because she is having some traction issues so it might be time to replace them once again but I want to check on the fancy guarantee first. After waiting seventeen minutes (started the clock after five) with no acknowledgement I flagged down a person who seemed very busy. Like Mr. McFeely busy. One letter to deliver but very frantic… Anyway he told me that someone would be with me in a minute. And in fact in fourteen more someone did help.

Long boring explanation and questions led to my dude heading out to inspect the tread and coming back in with dire news: the uneven tread wear would negate any remaining warranty and I wouldn’t have gotten much anyway. I didn’t lose my shite as I expected as much but I did calmly ask what the point of buying the upgraded tires was if this is how it ends? I might have just been the camel that broke the straws back but he lost it. Loud asking what I was accusing him of and was I trying to scam him out of new tires. I think I even got a YOU PEOPLE but I wasn’t quite sure. He had an interesting speech thing going on and I was fascinated.

I smiled through the whole thing using the sword of silence. I waited through a WELL?! and an AREN’T YOU GOING TO SAY ANYTHING? before asking to speak with a manager. The dude he brought from the back could not have been management. So sure of his non managerial status that I asked for his card which he retrieved. He was trying to calm things down but I didn’t need a cooler, I was having fun.

I over used the first name on the card like a bad salesman just back from training. He tried offering me a “special deal” but I let him know that I just wanted the name of his regional manager. He mumbled a name but then I said I wanted it printed with his number. “If you are the manager then you should have an email or something else with his name, title, email address, and phone number on it. I’ll wait.” and that is where we are now. waiting.

I’m kind of excited because there are a number of ways this could fall. Either he was full of shit and will have to come clean OR he really is the manager and giving me his bosses contact info can’t be fun as I am clearly presenting as a full blown psycho OR he was in fact just a buddy and now they are both in deep as I want something official before I leave. I am working hard at keeping a smile off of my face. This is better than cable.

The real manager just came and spoke with me. All apologies and deal making but I would have none of it. Same demands for Regional contact info (having worked for some national companies I know the reverberating nut flicks that come from a complaint to HQ) and refusal of hand written. I don’t think I’m even going to do anything. The tires have a bunch of miles on them but the warranty angle was worth a shot. What I will accomplish is the initial asshole and his buddy will not be having much fun in the foreseeable future and that’s enough for me.

The guy in the waiting room next to me just asked if I was fucking with them and when I said yes he grinned from ear to ear. This is not helping my own anti-smile fight.

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