and so it begins

The boy got his license last Friday and now my search for his car has started. I called my insurance agent and asked what car I should get to hopefully diminish the pain of a sixteen-year-old male driver and he said the king doesn’t matter. “just get something that you feel is safe at a price where if he happens to wreck it, you will leave it by the side of the road.” Okay, I am looking for something around $2,500 that I don’t have to worry about starting or running. That narrows the search but only a bit. I spent a little while this afternoon cruising used car lots and the rest of the day on the internet and I am no closer to a decision than when I started. This puzzle is going to take a while to figure out but if you know anyone with a pre-dented reliable runner let me know.

In other news I had another day off of work and had no idea what to do with myself. I had lunch with my parents then shopped for cars. I think I am too easily bored for retirement. This can be dangerous as I briefly toyed with the idea of attempting to fix the broken oven myself. Luckily the appliance parts place I found was closed today or my family could be looking at a carefully laid out pile of parts that used to make fire like magic in the baking cupboard. I can barely concentrate on this today as it represents taking a break from an entire day of break. Back to the car hunt for me.

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