Wow, I am just finishing up and today was exhausting. New year new leaf for a lot of people I work with so they naturally want to talk about getting better in 2017. I would almost be excited if I didn’t know that this is the business coach equivalent of a gym membership. Things will burn hot for a couple weeks then fade into the great maybe-next-year. So, for now, I just need to buckle up and enjoy the ride. I  actually like it when things get busy at work because the days fly by. I looked up and it was 7:00 pm which seemed a bit like time travel.

I also didn’t have my normal series of real life reminders as part of the house is sick, part is up at the lake cleaning, and school started back up again today. Aside from a couple random bathroom and food breaks where I checked on the sleeping patient I have been hole up in the fortress of germ-free solitude. A couple other bumps in the road here on the home front could not be taken care of so after I take the fur for a walk I will try to sort that out.

This boring piece of crap post is what I imagined most of the captain’s logs from Star Trek contained. We saw a relative few on all of the series so I would bet that most of them were complete filler bullshit.

Captain’s Log stardate (I don’t remember how that works): Today, like the last fifty-four in a row, was spent just flying around charting the uncharted and trying to make contact with anything. I am convinced that the replicators are cranking out more booze than food but it seems to keep the crew docile during this long boring stretch. I did have to separate the Russian and the Scott but that is normal because no one understands a word that they say so they constantly think the other is insulting them.  We had better find something to do soon or I will have to invent an adventure. I’d hate to have to beam down to another lifeless rock and shoot another innocent red shirt but if the aliens won’t show themselves then I have got to do what I’ve got to do.

Commercials were my time to continue the story and ask myself questions as a kid. The log thing always drove me crazy because I figured the cameras were a part of the ship and we were watching a recording. Why in the hell did they need an audio recording of the stupid captain’s point of view or his poorly edited retelling? It wasn’t easy staring at glaring plot holes surrounded by people who had no problem suspending disbelief… Anyhow, if you want to see some folks who have similarly broken brains to my own go to YouTube and watch Space Janitors. I am a big fan.

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