Life was a swirling shitnado today as soon as the done with work whistle blew. Mouse in the house and I fully blame the two asshole cats who have no other responsibilities around here save keep the place rodent free and annoy me. All ended well with the little safely caught as the screaming family members didn’t like my idea of a live circle of life demonstration. The dog has already taken down a half dozen rabbits and a mouse but I have yet to see the cats kill anything bigger than an insect. They can carry socks and bras around like nothing and shriek like ghosts until you congratulate them.

In multiple car negotiations and have yet to see any of them. Trying to get this oven fixed at night is turning into a pile of broken promises. The dude today tried to slow play me with his update calls. This is part of what I do for a living and once I started calling him on his bullshit he started to get squirrely on me. Our final words can’t make him feel good as this is a Home Advisor lead and I documented all of his calls for the internet arson I’m about to commit on his company. I left him with “you should start to work on your excuses now because come morning you will have some splainin to do.”

Plus I had a humanitarian aid mission as the boy’s room became the focus of the Eye of Mom. Shelves were assembled and clothing organized all in an effort to save his vintage windbreaker collection. That is a longer story but my favorite one is a sorority jacket that he proudly brought back from thrifting. After he asked me what fraternity it was I couldn’t help myself. It is no picnic being my child.

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