The weather has taken a sharp right turn as I sit here in my bunker and the weather services tell me that wind gusts are as high as 60 miles per hour. That would explain why the last time I glanced out front my wife was chasing Christmas down the street. She decorates the original mother’s day lilac bush with oversized outdoor ornaments or as we all call them Christmas Balls. They are being harvested by the invisible hands of the wind and she was chasing the ones that didn’t burst on impact. I really need to be quicker on the draw with the whole phone camera thing but then I would have had to post the video and there goes all the fun out of that thought. Anyhow, there are some days I love working from home and this is definitely one. I have an upcoming road tour that I am getting ready for but it could be worse as it was supposed to start today.

The company I was scheduled to see no longer exists so it’s hard to visit a thing that is no longer a thing. But I am up to my ass in metaphorical aligators so the time in the office is letting me get shit done. I’m not going to bore you with the details but as I try to build some new content to present I have one of my favorite Christmas presents staring over my shoulder. It’s a mini marquee. I would describe it but that’s dumb when I was just talking about my camera.


well, that sucked. let’s try again…


The only flaw is not enough room and not enough letters. Otherwise perfect.

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