wife tech

For the first time in our marriage the wife has jumped over me in an aspect of technology. She is now the proud owner of the newest version of iPhone and I even convinced her to go with the bigger one because she does so much on it with grad school. She is a lot of things but an Agent of Change is not one of them so it took her old phone losing battery just after recharging to force a switch. Even when presented with it being cheaper to upgrade than to repair (we are talking monthly impact here people so put your slide rules and smarter economic opinions away) she was hesitant. But much like a good car salesman I took her to the store and let her interact with the new thing and after two minutes I knew we were leaving with it.

Her three-year-old beat-to-hell smaller case wouldn’t work which almost killed the deal but luckily we were being helped by a genius. The two of them went off to look at decorative protection while I watched playoff football on the TV and when they came back she was officially more excited about the case than the phone itself. I tried to argue that it added quite a bit of bulk and maybe the glycerin wasn’t the smartest filling in the freezing environment we call home but I might as well have been speaking Mandarin.


There it is in all of its glory. Really was almost custom made for her. If you can’t read it through all of the sparkles it says GLITTER IS MY FAVORITE COLOR and that is a true statement. On the plus side if I ever found myself at a strip club I could come home covered in glitter and she would just think I stumbled into one of the preschool projects scattered about. That’s not really a benefit because when we met in college I was working at a strip joint and it kind of removed all of the magic from those experiences.

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