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Fair warning: This is one of those blog posts on blog posts but it was generated by a reader question and I feel like I need to answer for the official record if such a thing exists for this tiny speck of the internets. The inquiry was more like a trying-to-be-helpful statement than an actual question and no offense to the author (he said knowing he was about to offend) but it was wordy and more than a little confusing. You did, however, furnish me with the disclaimer that you hate writing so I am trying to be kind in my own way. But what in the name of too much typing were you thinking? Your two paragraphs were like eight of my own and last night when I read it the words began to swim around the screen. So here goes the extreme paraphrasing and, mystery person who I am not trying to pick on, correct me if I’m wrong.

“It seems like you are complaining about your lack of readers but you don’t really do anything to get more. Why don’t you try to publish anywhere else so more people come to your site?” (those quotations are dubious at best but just go with it I didn’t know what else to do…)

First, I apologize if it seems like complaining but you might be picking up on my ego leaking into my writing. There was a time over the last fifteen years where I had a couple hundred visitors per day. I know that is nothing in today’s viral video time where thousands are the smallest of increments of measure worth talking about but it was more than enough for me. Too much in fact. I had people in my life who were looking for ways to get upset about things I wrote. Family taking things the wrong way and by family, I mean old people who don’t fully grasp my brand of humor.  I had pages of this crap printed out by a spouse and thrown at her then still husband thinking I was publicly airing dirty laundry when that couldn’t have been further from the truth. And I also had some trouble with trolls of the anonymous internet variety. It all came to a boil and typing this wasn’t fun anymore so I shut it down.

I wrote on a couple other platforms under different anonymous names and I waited long enough where people stopped checking to see if I was back. It cost me 95% of my readers but the price was well worth it. I told some people but others were left out due to diarrhea of the mouth and here we sit. I have no doubt I could get the counts back up tomorrow if I would just link a couple articles to my real name on Social Media and say LOOK AT ME. Facebook alone is so void of original content by people I know that if one of my seven hundred or so friends was a regular writer I would tune in. The closest any of them come to writing is a quick sentence above something they are reposting from somewhere else. Its a content desert out there for all the choices we supposedly have.

But Facebook and Linkedin are both connected with work and I know if would connect this with either of those my writing would immediately change. It’s not that anything here is top secret or that I write about stuff I shouldn’t but left to interpretation people will look for things to take wrong. And you might find this shocking but I tend to react adversely when backed into a corner about something I’ve written…

All that being said I am not opposed to readers. I check the stats every day because it shows up on the homepage before I post. I like writing and knowing someone is reading it makes me feel good. SO there you have it my long-winded friend. Don’t take this equally lengthy response as anything but an attempt to communicate the complete answer. And now back to your regularly scheduled internet.


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