I watch a lot of crap on the internets and I mean a LOT. I have been attempting a new productivity discipline since the first of the year and it involves removing distractions. Before you hit the internet looking for this method it was birthed from between my own two ears so your search will lead you astray. The working title is Only Burn Flammable Time and it means just screw around with nonsense when starting or continuing a project doesn’t make sense. I’ll explain

When I write or create for work I need to concentrate. I don’t listen to music or have any distraction save my own thoughts. I have a goofy method where I hand write the topic at hand to start the ball rolling and sometimes I write the major points I want to cover at random around that scrap of paper. Basically a bastardized Mind Mapping exercise without the pretty boxes and connecting lines. More like jumbled up word jazz but it works for me. Then I get to writing. (side note: unless it is this nonsense I never write without a clear half hour available to make sure progress is made.)

My job is a series of scheduled events. Mostly conference calls, some webinars, but me interacting with people and that too requires some prep. Same principals apply as before but instead of a topic in the middle of the page, I write the person or business name across the top and then bullet down all of the things that need to be covered. The phone work is more interactive so I don’t really have to lock my brain down and here is where the garbage time appears. If I am ready for a call and they need ten minutes to gather everyone or get their end set up I wait. Or if a call ends early and I have another one right away that is already prepped – more garbage time. This is basically time where starting something else doesn’t make sense or could screw me up for the upcoming call and that is where I turn to the internets.

I have a pile of podcasts in my backlog but those don’t fill minutes very well. I am always reading and listening to at least one book but these small chunks of time don’t allow story immersion so the same problem as podcasts but on a bigger scale. The thing I use is the YouTube. Quick little video shows on topics that interest me but not to the point that I can’t immediately put them down. This is where I watch most of my crap. Then there are my daily check-in websites which are located in the top menu of this thing at the time of this writing. I say that because I get bored easily and have no idea how long this look and feel will last but know I will try to keep the daily track up to date under bookmarks. Future readers just look around as I most likely didn’t nuke the entire concept. Usually, when I visit those I find a bunch of stuff I want to read later so I add it to my Flipboard for nightly reading.

WOW I just realized that I have been typing a ton of words on a topic that holds the possibility of actually boring someone to death. This whole thing started when I opened YouTube to look for something specific and got concerned about my recommended playlist. Not really concerned but curious as to what the robotic Google overlords of the future will think about Public Freak Outs, Dumb Drivers, Tiny House Tours, Rocket Mass Heaters, Off Grid Homesteading, Technology Reviews, and Vlogs. Plus the other thousand things that peak my interest for a nanosecond. If I really cared I would stop but I noticed this morning that people are wrapping hundred thousand dollar cars to change the color. gotta go…


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