Pretty good day

I might be a little more hyper aware than usual as I almost got in a crash on the way here this morning but that is no excuse. No real story, just me cabbie crossing traffic when my brain clearly thought there’s no way he’s going to go, there’s no way he’s going to go. there’s no way he’s going to go! While we crossed both lanes drivers had to swerve and hit the brakes and my driver was only concerned when I yelled. At least I think I yelled but my brain was running through survivable crash scenarios and wondering who would teach my people this week. Then you my friend are some kind of protected crash class and I actually do feel better about your terrible decision making. Working out in the morning is complete bullshit compared to near death experiences.

I needed to make one call before my flight and what better place to get that done than my airport office with snacks also known as the United Club. I finished my call from one of the ultra convenient phone rooms and decided to get in line with the rest of the grazing herd. I had my eye on a banana but this little gentleman was blocking that section while complaining about low oatmeal levels. Rather than keep the line moving and come back to that later when some fresh was put out he had to make a show of being a big shot. He demanded fresh oatmeal but from a worker not on that duty. She was very polite and assured him that if new was required then it would be on its way.

He replied by telling her from a position of perceived superiority that he wouldn’t have asked if more were not needed and ordered her to take care of it. In my defense I might have been a little hangry and this little display was between me and my fruit. “Congratulations asshole you are the King of the free snacks line. If you were nicer to people she wouldn’t be back there right now spitting in the new pot and I might be able to grab a banana. Enjoy your mucus and saliva porridge.” I don’t think people speak to his highness in such a manner because he had nothing to say. He did try his best glare but that just made me grin.

The club has gone through a major overhaul and once I put my bag down I noticed a beautiful sight.

A mini computerized Diet Coke dispenser and I am sitting right in front of it. If you look behind on the left side you can see that I left the light on in my phone room as well. It has already been a pretty good day.

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