Holy tired Batman

I have had my ass kicked today. Nothing out of the ordinary except I am teaching someone how to teach one of my classes so my normal down time is spent instructing someone in the how’s and why’s of what I am doing. For the first time in a long time I went up to my room after teaching this afternoon and immediately fell asleep. I woke up a half hour later fully clothed, suited, tied, shoes on and in a full on panic that I had slept the sun from down to back up. That is a fun feeling. Once the panic receded I changed and we all walked to dinner.

It’s 75 and sunny where I am so advantage must be taken while its available. I might have mentioned earlier that one of my backhanded Christmas gifts was an electronic movement tracker and while I am not obsessed with my achievements I set a personal best today by doing noting more than the aforementioned teaching and walk to food. Seven miles worth of mental patient pacing around a room. This is why my feet hate me right now. Anyhow I need to get some sleep because it all starts again tomorrow but I wanted to post the view from my room.

Anything this close to the Gulf would have to try real hard to suck and so far my only disappointment is the lack of ice machines. Not one in the whole hotel. Full size kitchen in my room complete with ice maker but it had to be turned on and I needed to call down to the desk to figure that out. The thing about the now working ice maker is that in an empty fridge and freezer the dropping cubes scare the living hell out of me every time they drop. I have yelped in surprise three times even cussing the inanimate object out and asking it to stop. Exercise sunshine and warm air have turned me into a skittish lunatic and I really need to go now as I keep retyping words.

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