I can safely say that this current travel sequence was a mistake. 100% my own fault but after finishing the first leg I am a mental mess. I got in late last night and find myself sort of lost today. Motions are being gone through but without enthusiasm or any semblance of efficiency. I am only typing this as a way to procrastinate getting my expenses done. I started with a goal of doing them today knowing full well that tomorrow is a long shot. A productivity snooze button if you will. (I can honestly say I have no idea why I kind of asked “if you will” right there. I am now completely thrown off of my thought tracks while I ponder my constant inability to grasp the English language right in the middle of using it. Hold please…)

If you are wondering why I don’t take care of this crap on Monday like a normal person the answer is I have to leave at dawn for the next leg. Then on Friday afternoon when I get back in town I will unpack, change clothes, and hitch a ride up to the lake for the Mid-Winter Classic Poker weekend. This is not torture in any way but possibly returning from a week on the road to jump into another car is a bit dim. I will rally even if it means that whoever drives me will have to listen to a couple hours of hibernating bear mixed with woodchipper impressions. Crap, this wasn’t supposed to be about my inability to schedule myself I had something to say.

Took a cab to the airport yesterday afternoon with a coworker who cracks me up. He and I were winding down and having a great conversation except every time we paused for more than a few seconds we got a steaming hot injection of hillbilly cab knowledge. He was all over the road both literally and in his thinking but I let the first few pass because I detected a correlation between talking and even worse driving. My friend and I were having some trouble not laughing but the last one was far from funny. It was a lot of stupid mixed in with some racism and some misinterpreted law citation. So I tried dropping some logic with no results. HIS President was getting sworn in and all my fancy talkin was just one more thing wrong with this country.

By the way the point where I could no longer keep silent was his declaration that a new law just started where you could run over protestors if they were blocking traffic. Not that I want any innocent people to get hurt but I did set up a Google Alert for “Tampa area cab driver hits protester.” I feel alright about this because I mentioned that it would still get you in trouble commensurate with the damage you caused and he might want to consult a lawyer before mowing anyone down. He dropped the mike after telling me that people always die when people block traffic. In ambulances, people are late for work- lose everything- and kill theyselves… he took my stunned silence for victory and luckily wee were at our destination. Merica!

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