Picky Idiot

I have already talked about my hatred of gift cards so I won’t start rolling down a hill about what a gimmick I think they are and how you either have to spend more or just end up letting them keep the remaining balance. That being said I can’t stop people from gifting them, myself included. I had ten dollars and some random cents left on a visa version from someone and when I found it I was determined to get as close to the amount as possible without going over. I won’t bore you anymore with the search but I was quite proud of myself when I managed the exact amount with a product from SlickWraps including tax and shipping. I ordered something that solved a problem and made me laugh at the same time so with the use of the gift card a win win win.

I love my Apple Pencil. I have been challenging myself to draw at least once a week for the past month and I really need more practice. I love to draw. It calms me down. At one point in my life I wanted to teach Art and coach football. That didn’t work out but no reason I should completely abandon that form of expression. My only gripe with the pencil aside from its price is the fact that it only comes in white. I use it for notes as well so I take it on the road which means it takes a beating and doesn’t stay perfectly clean. There are cases and other things that help but most add weight and bulk which takes away from the experience. When I saw the wrap that would make it look like a school pencil I was sold.

I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to applying stickers, screen protectors, and the like so I followed the instructions to an annoying level. This is what I got.


Kind of funny but the gaps were bothering me. They tell you to take a hair dryer to it and stretch the vinyl to fit so I tried that…


This was the best I could get after fifteen minutes of trying as I realized the value of this purchase had already gone negative.


and here is where things ended up. I’m sure I could complain and get a replacement sent but it would be the same thing. Partially my fault for not looking at the pictures in the customer reviews All of them look like the eraser was replaces by a Star Wars droid but they all seem tickled by the results. Not this asshole. I am out and once again thoroughly screwed by a gift card.

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