Shite drive

This was one of the weirdest individual road trips I’ve ever had. It was foggy and rainy the entire way here which meant that my eyes were wide open and rarely blinking. The defroster dried them out terribly and I was pressed into the windshield like an old person. That posture is not sustainable and my back is still complaining. I stopped in Indiana at a gas station run by a creamery. It sounded nice until I got out of my car and tasted cow crap. That is the only way to describe the smell. It was everywhere and I could have sworn someone smeared some on me.

As I was buying the five hour energy required to complete the trip the lady behind the counter asked if I wanted some ice cream. She didn’t even smile when I asked if she had any that wouldn’t taste like cow shit under the current conditions. Once I got far enough away I added driving with the windows open to the mix. Three hours later I was still nose deep.When I checked in to the hotel I still had poop on the brain because during my normal new room sweep this little nugget scared me.

At first glance under the weird light I thought the cleaning staf had missed a poop nugget. My mind did not rest until I took this closer shot with the flash on my phone with a fully extended arm as I was not interested in getting close to a human fecal spill zone.

Me and this rust spot are going to get along just fine. I am considering this a bullet dodged and chalking it up in the win column for the day. One less thing

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