Air Pods


This lunchtime product review is brought to you by the good people at Christmas and my birthday are in close proximity. I had some cash from both gift-getting occasions and the only thing that caught my eye was the new Apple Airpods. I had to order them and wait for some Apple fabricated anticipatory reasons but what the hell. So they showed up a couple days ago and I immediately plugged them into my skull. First impressions were:

  • Damn these little things are cool.
  • Holy Crap they paired with my phone in under two seconds.
  • WOW! I look like a douche wearing these.

After that initial new purchase honeymoon wore off an hour later I stopped marveling at the novelty and realized they were just another set of ear buds. The charging case is cool because it has its own battery and will charge the ear pieces a couple times while traveling. I think my lack of hair enhances the fact that these white sticks are hanging out of my ears. What is wrong with every other color Apple? This is also my biggest complaint with my beloved Apple Pencil. I am more of a black or gray person. If I really want to get crazy I might wander over to the blue side. Hold up. Product review. Sorry.

I got more than four hours of battery life while running errands and puttering around the house. That is pretty great for something this small. Then they recharge faster than I thought in the unplugged case. I popped them out after 20 minutes and as far as I could tell they were fully charged. Phone calls from my end were awesome. Probably some electronic proprietary trick to make me feel better about spending $160 on something I will most likely lose but it worked. I have no idea how it sounded to the people I talked to but they didn’t ask me to repeat myself so screw them.

While I was going about my business I knocked one out of my ear once. Completely my fault and a wired bud would have dislodged as well but it wouldn’t have bounced across the floor. I also got a distinct feeling of unease while peeing and it had nothing to do with a medical condition. It was like the water was trying to pull them from my ears. Could be that I read something a couple weeks ago about a replacement pod costing me $69. When I lose one these things the remaining one will become a life lesson and I will go back to the other headphones I have had for years.

To sum up, great quality, great technology, too easy to lose for the price, and why does it have to be white?

By the way, Siri calls me Big Poppa because… I love it when they call me Big Pop pa… my hands are thrown in the air.

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