Happy Friday before what should be a three day weekend but isn’t because the government refuses to acknowledge the glory of football. Anyway, I am writing today to tell you about a stupidtom first. I will be hosting my first ever Superbowl Twitter party. (typing that involved physical pain and a full body convulsion) This is nothing more than me making up a hashtag that is short enough so that people will remember it but long enough so no one will accidently use it. I think it means that anyone in the know can include it in their tweets and it will show up when searched. The hashtag is the title of this post if you didn’t figure it out #stdcsb. Stupid Tom dot com Super Bowl get it? It hasn’t been used since 2012 so I think we will be relatively safe from interlopers but even if were not who cares?

It turns out that for the first time in a long time I will not be doing anything for the game so I plan on planting my fat ass on the couch, consuming foods fit for a celebration, and live-tweeting whatever pops into my head during the game. I more than welcome the same from any and all of you. This is not an attempt to drive up followers as I trim them like nose hairs but if you want to follow me I won’t delete anyone who asks in the next couple days. I might even follow you back if you won’t clog up my feed with nonsense No agenda other than cracking wise and having a little fun when things get boring.

A couple notes about that picture that I probably should have explained earlier. First, the tweet count makes it seem like I do that all the time when in fact they are almost all posts from this site. Second, Andre the Giant is my universal anonymous avatar and the greatest wrestler of all time. I will entertain no arguments. Finally, everyone or thing that I follow makes me smile in some way. Seeing that number is making me think I might need some maintenance there as well but my time between calls is running out. Join me on Sunday if you can.

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