almost game time

Today is about treading a bunch of new ground as I attempt to show the live tweeter feed in this post. I have no idea if this will work because the idea to do so popped into my head about fifteen minutes ago. The reason it occurred is I have a number of technology hating friends who will not be able to participate in the twitter thing due to an overall distrust of any media deemed social. This is more of a fake it til I make it type of posting. If it doesn’t work at least I tried. Okay, trying really doesn’t count for shit if I can’t deliver but shut the hell up it wasn’t part of my original plan.

Here goes nothing (hopefully not literally)


If this didn’t work and you were one of the six or seven people not from the United States who signed up for this site I apologize for removing that option. They were all crazy unidentifiable emails, three with .ru domains and one with the word hacker right there in the address. Seemed like shutting that door was the prudent security measure. Although hacking this site could get you nothing but bills I still didn’t feel right about the whole situation. Thanks for the traffic increase though…

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