solid failure

The old twitter experiment yesterday was an unqualified bomb but that does not discourage me in the least. I learned a bunch of stuff. First up is that live-commenting on anything is exhausting. I could possibly see it making sense if someone was paying you but all by yourself sucks. And speaking of one hand clapping or masturbatory back and forth, not one of my os called friends twittered a single thing. Everyone had somewhere to be and actual humans to interact with so I might as well have been typing on a pillow. Luckily one of my fellow nowhere-to-go peeps threw together a last minute gathering. I toughed it out watching the first quarter by myself but I couldn’t take it. I need people around me with similar sick senses of humor. And so I learned that I can cross hermit from my list.

I also learned (you need to find another word for learned dipshit) that with my friends I drink at an almost two times factor. This should not come as a shock but now I have empirical proof. I know exactly what I consumed during the day (it was Superbowl Sunday don’t judge me) and then what I brought over to my friends and drank. Yup. X2. So during the science portion of the weekend I learned (how did you not look something up AGAIN? come on man. you’re better than this.) that my friends make everything twice as fun.

And I also discovered (see, that wasn’t so hard) Russian spam bots must be everywhere if they signed up for membership to this grain of internet sand. I have no clue what their end game was but I made it stop in the hopes of preventing future ass pain. The only way I discovered this infiltration was through the annoyance of setting up the twitter feed in a post so I also learned I should probably look at my site dashboard a little more than never.

One final side note: For those who don’t check the drop down menu on this thing a new drinking game was invented when the guys were up at the lake. No need to retell the story because the page lives here.

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