This began as a post whining about my troubles finding a side gig to assist with my current money troubles but halfway through I punched myself in the face and decided on a little target practice to clear my head. The end of my economic drought is in sight but still seven strong months away so some extra assistance will be required. If I land something funny you will read about it here but more than likely I will just up my travel schedule in an attempt to keep my head above water. Anyway, back to target practice…

If you don’t have an airsoft gun I highly recommend getting one. When the weather is nice there is nothing quite like sitting on the deck agitating squirrels. The plastic balls can’t kill them but I fell like I am delivering an annoyance equal to their chewing through my garbage can lids and scattering refuse about the yard. Winter months are the time to perfect your aim and that’s where a gel target comes in. I love the sound of the pellet sticking to the surface then slowly rolling down into the tray below. My only complaint is if you want to shoot at a picture of something or someone the things bounce off HOT.

I have been pondering a craft project for the next Amazon box that shows up and once complete I will post it. I watch DIY how to videos all the time maybe I should do one about my VooDoo Doll Target Box idea? Anyhow, I was shooting during lunch time and my window blinds were wide open to take advantage of the sunshine but I forgot about the lack of privacy. I’m not sure how much detail you can see from the sidewalk but after a burst of quick shot practice (my current gun is spring-loaded and requires the slide on top to be pulled back to chamber another pellet) I looked out front to see a dog walker glaring in at me.

I can only hope they saw me cocking, aiming, and firing, a gun that didn’t make any noise. She saw something she didn’t like because after she noticed me noticing her I looked at her dog sniffing my lawn and she jerked it away as if from poison. Man I wish people came with thought bubbles. Wait, second thought, scratch that. I would be in more trouble than most.


I am lucky there is no live lunch cam in this office because I had my top shelf douche working whilst taking these pictures.

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